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Drum Mixer Model 7005
The Powerwise line of drum mixers are designed to provide trouble free and long life in many printing and ink room situations. You can use your Powerwise drum mixers if you have an ink room with or without an automated system. They are designed for quick set up and by using the adjustable clamp, they can be angled for the best possible uniform mixing of your liquids. Use of a variable speed air motor allows control of how much you wish your ink to be mixed. A collapsible propeller, two sizes available, allows you to drop the mixer through a standard 2” (50mm) bung hole.

Powermix! Model 7003
The best mixer for the price on the market to date! The mixer is powered by a variable speed 0.25 hp
(0.18 Kw) Air motor. The shaft and propeller are stainless steel and can be attached to the lid of your ink container by a mounting ring. The Powermix agitator gently mixes the ink within the container and maintains a uniform consistency. Each mixer comes with a needle flow valve for air control. Use this mixer where additional agitation is needed when using peristaltic or diaphragm pumps. You can also buy this mixer attached to a stainless steel hinged lid for 5 gallon/20 liter ink pails.

Electric models are available. For heavier viscosities please contact the Powerwise offices.

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