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Ink Filtration

Powerwise offers a variety of filtration units. The most popular is the 1099 nylon coated in-line filter. This unit can be used with all models in the Powerwise range. For diaphragm and peristaltic pumps a filter mounting bracket is recommended.

The filter has a recleanable stainless steel basket sold in a variety of mesh sizes. The flow pattern is in from the bottom and out through the side; the convoluted mesh allows a greater surface area for filtration. Quick connectors are recommended for removal of the filter from the line for cleaning.

Magnets have become a great asset for the printer and many an anilox roll has been saved from damage by a magnet suspended directly in the ink flow from the top scoop of the filter. The rare earth magnet we use is a grade 38 MGO magnetic ring. A cleaning sleeve for the magnet is standard.

Other filters in stock are small in-line Y strainer’s (with or without magnet.) for narrow web printers. We also supply return line strainers, intake strainers for siphon tubes and magnet assemblies for hanging in the ink containers.

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